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How to Properly Care for a New Windshield

Keep That New Windshield in Tip-Top Shape

Most drivers know the hassle that comes with a cracked or broken windshield. Something as small as a pebble hitting the glass can result in the need to replace the windshield. In most cases, a new windshield can be installed by professionals in an hour or less. But how can an owner of that brand new windshield keep it in good condition? Here are a few tips to get the most out of that spanking new glass.

For the First Few Hours After Windshield Replacement

The first few hours after a new windshield is installed are critical. User error, or failure to follow the auto glass technician’s instructions, can result in an improperly sealed windshield. If this happens, the safety of all occupants of that vehicle is severely compromised. Make sure to follow the technician’s instructions after receiving a new windshield to keep everyone safe.

Wait to Drive

When auto glass professionals replace a car’s windshield, they use an adhesive to keep the glass securely in place. This adhesive needs time to set correctly, and driving the vehicle before this happens can result in unsafe conditions for the car’s occupants. The adhesive is strong enough after an hour or so to pass all Federal Safety Standards. However, most experts recommend letting the car sit for a few hours to ensure a proper seal and set on the adhesive. Make sure to schedule an appointment at a time when the vehicle doesn’t need to be used for a few hours.

Make sure to watch out for shards of glass leftover from the old windshield before driving the car. While technicians thoroughly clean the vehicle during, before, and after installation, it’s still a good idea to be careful!

For the First Few Days After Windshield ReplacementAuto Glass Shop Beaverton

Keep Clear

While the seal dries enough in the first hour to safely operate the vehicle, it continues to dry for a few days after the windshield’s installation. Make sure to keep the area inside and out of the car clear of anything that could push up against or adhere to the glass. Avoid putting any cover over the vehicle, and it’s also a good idea to avoid placing a sunshade on the inside of the windshield.

Crack a Window

Changes in air pressure can put unnecessary stress on that new windshield. Crack one of the car’s windows at least an inch to avoid any leaks in the seal caused by pressure.

Keep the Retention Tape

Do not remove the retention tape for at least a couple of days after technicians install the new windshield. The retention tape is there to hold windshield moldings in place and to protect the adhesive from weather conditions while it dries. The retention tape may be annoying to look at, but it’s there for a reason. Make sure to follow the technician’s instructions after installation.

Don’t Wash the Car

Avoid pressure washers or automatic car washes for the first couple of days after getting a new windshield. That way, the new windshield moldings won’t get damaged or shift in some way. If the car needs a wash, it’s best to hand wash it for the time being.

Go Easy

To be safe, don’t put any extra stress on the vehicle for the first few days after windshield installation. Avoid roads in poor condition, and make sure to close the doors gently. This will help ensure that the new windshield is secure.

Long-Term Windshield Care

Auto glass technicians know that there’s more to caring for car glass than window cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to keep that windshield and the vehicle’s windows in good shape.

Clean the Glass Often

Make sure to clean the vehicle’s windshield and windows, often with a high-quality window cleaner. Clean both inside and outside of the glass.

Replace the Wiper Blades

As soon as the wiper blades start to leave rubber or streaks on the windshield, replace them. Replacing windshield wiper blades is easy, but most auto part stores have knowledgable employees who can install new windshield wipers for free.

Keep Your Distance

To avoid cracks and chips on the car’s windshield, make sure always to leave a reasonable amount of distance between cars while driving. This is critical on gravel roads or other roads with loose rocks. The vehicle in front can kick up debris that will crack or otherwise damage the windshield.

Repair Rock Chips

In case the windshield does receive some chips or cracks due to rocks, make sure to repair those chips right away. If not, further damage to the windshield is inevitable. Chips and cracks spread over time and compromise the glass’s integrity.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try not to park in direct sunlight whenever possible. The sun and other sources of heat may weaken windshield glass over time, which will shorten the windshield’s usable life.

Windshield Warranties

Most auto glass repair and replacement technicians offer two types of warranties: manufacturer and labor warranties. The manufacturer warranty covers the glass itself, as well as its design. The labor warranty covers the work performed on the windshield by the auto glass technicians. Improper care for the new windshield can void either or both of these warranties, so it’s critical to follow all instructions given by the technicians.

How Can We Help?

Here at Collision Auto Glass & Calibration, we are committed to providing outstanding customer service. We only employ highly trained technicians. Each auto glass technician is certified through both SIKA and DOW Automotive. We understand that a car’s windshield is integral to the structure of the vehicle, and its proper installation and maintenance are vital for occupant safety. We can repair rock chips, and we can install brand new windshields. When it comes to auto glass, we can do it all. We even provide free mobile services* and can travel to the vehicle while you work or shop. Call today for an appointment!

* Free mobile service excludes mobile rock chip repair.

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How to Properly Care for a New Windshield

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