Rock Chip Repair Services

Rock Chip Repair

We offer Rock Chip Repair in the Portland Metro & Surrounding areas.

Give us a call today before the rock chip has time to spread… (503) 656-3500

FAQ: Will my rock chip spread?
Answer: In most cases, Yes!
FAQ: When you repair my rock chip will I be able to see it?
Answer: Yes, usually repairing the rock chip will only hide between 50% to 80% However it will not continue to spread.
FAQ: Can you repair a rock chip that is in my direct line of vision?
Answer: No, it could possible distort your vision.
FAQ: Does my Insurance cover rock chips?
Answer: In most cases yes, and often they will waive your deductible and the cost to you is free.
FAQ: Is there any chance my windshield can break when you are trying to repair?
Answer: Yes, but unlikely it will happen. We have to inject a resin into to the broken glass that has approximately 60lbs of pressure.

Rock Chip Repair

  • Rock chip repair is sometimes a great alternative to replacing your windshield.
  • Also most Insurance Companies will waive your deductible so it maybe FREE to you.
  • Most rock chips or stars are repairable if they’re under the size of a quarter.
  • We are unable to repair a rock chip if it falls in the direct line of the drivers vision field.
  • The sooner you get a Rock Chip repaired the less likely it will spread.
  • We offer discounts for multiple rock chips on the same windshield
  • We only use state of the art rock chip repair resin, so it doesn’t break down from sun light.
  • The cost of most Rock Chip repairs is about $50.00 if we do it in shop and $75.00 if we go mobile to you.

We guarantee if for any reason the repaired rock chip we fixed continues to spread after it has been fixed by us we will apply 100% of the cost we charged towards a replacement windshield.