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How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

Need to Replace Your Windshield?

While a cracked windshield is certainly a nuisance, most windshield replacements aren’t a huge deal for vehicle owners. Chips and cracks in the windshield aren’t just annoying, though. An ignored crack or chip in the windshield can cause significant issues down the road.

Dangers of Ignoring Windshield Repair

While it’s tempting to put off windshield repair, especially if the chip or crack is small, damaged windshields cause more problems than being an eyesore.

Impaired Vision

A cracked or chipped windshield, depending on the severity of damage, can impact the driver’s field of vision. Even the smallest chip in the auto glass can interfere with the driver’s line of sight which makes it harder to perceive obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians in the roadway.

Vehicle Integrity Compromised

A vehicle’s windshield is a crucial factor when it comes to the car’s structural integrity. A cracked windshield weakens the vehicle’s structural integrity and can result in severe injury, including ejection from the vehicle, if ignored. Keep yourself, your family, and other motorists safe by repairing your windshield as soon as you notice a chip or a crack. Make sure to pay attention to the rear windshield as well. Even though cracks and chips may be less noticeable in the rear windshield, you can still compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle by ignoring necessary windshield repairs.

Airbag Malfunction

Another risk of procrastinating windshield repair is airbag malfunction. When airbags deploy, the windshield pushes them toward the passengers. If the windshield is broken or weakened by a crack, the airbags may shatter the windshield instead of properly deploying. In this case, the airbags are useless.

How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

While it’s tempting to procrastinate windshield repair and replacement, the process is a lot easier than you’d think. Keep yourself and your passengers safe and schedule your windshield replacement with Collision Auto Glass today. We can even come out to your home while you’re working!

Some windshield replacements can take as little time as an hour but others can leave you without a vehicle for a whole day. The length of time it takes for a windshield replacement depends on your vehicle. For example, some luxury Mercedes models take longer for windshield replacements than a Dodge Avenger does. Call Collision Auto Glass with any questions you may have!

Safe Drive Away Time Versus Minimum Drive Away Time

safe drive away time windshield installation portland

Many auto glass professionals use the term “safe drive away time” when referring to the amount of time you should wait between windshield replacement and driving the vehicle. However, there is some contention in the industry as to whether the term “safe drive away time” (SDAT) or the term “minimum drive away time” (MDAT) is more appropriate.

Safe Drive Away Time

Safe drive away time is a term that describes how long the vehicle has to sit after a windshield replacement before it is safe to drive. The auto glass technician will mention this time to you after the windshield is repaired or replaced.

Safe drive away times vary depending on multiple factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the type of the vehicle glass, weather conditions, and the type of adhesive used. Some windshield replacements have safe drive away times as low as an hour but others may require several hours for the vehicle to sit before it’s safe to drive.

The type of adhesive that holds your windshield in place can have varying curing or hardening times. The temperature, humidity, and type of adhesive significantly affect the safe drive away time after a windshield replacement. An experienced auto glass technician, such as the professionals at Collision Auto Glass, take all of this information into consideration before offering a safe drive away time to their customer.

Why Do Some People Say Minimum Drive Away Time?

Some adhesive companies have started using the term “minimum drive away time” instead of “safe drive away time” to help customers understand the reasons why they have to let their car sit before driving it. Different adhesives have various curing times. Each adhesive also has a different cure time based on atmospheric conditions such as humidity, temperature, and pressure.

Instead of implying that a certain time period is “safe,” adhesive companies are making the move toward “minimum” drive away time to illustrate the idea that the adhesive needs to sit at least that amount of time. The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is in the process of changing all of its literature and copy to reflect the use of the term MDAT (minimum drive away time) rather than SDAT (safe drive away time).

Need a Windshield Replaced?

Our auto glass technicians are up-to-date on all industry standards and best practices. Rest assured that the amount of time we recommend for your vehicle to sit is based on experience and knowledge and the desire to keep all of our customers safe. Whether you need windshield repair, windshield replacement, or auto glass replacement, the technicians at Collision Auto Glass can handle it. We even have mobile service available, meaning we can come to your home and replace your windshield while your car sits in the driveway!

We are taking all of the recommended guidelines concerning COVID-19 to do our part to curb the spread of Sars-CoV-2. We have contactless payment options, and we are able to replace your windshield while still abiding by all social distancing guidelines and disinfection best practices. We care about your health and our employees’ health. Call us with any concerns or questions and to schedule your auto glass service now!

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How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

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