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Windshield Replacement Hillsboro

Windshield Replacement Hillsboro Or

How Windshield Damage Can Compromise Your Safety

A damaged windshield can limit visibility and pose other safety risks while driving. Initially, an auto glass crack or chip may not seem urgent enough to necessitate a windshield replacement for Hillsboro drivers, but chips can become more significant as outside temperatures fluctuate.

A chip, if left unattended, can spread suddenly and make it difficult to see out the windshield. And not only can chips obstruct vision, but they can also compromise the strength of the glass.

Standard windshields are two pieces of glass that “sandwich” a layer of vinyl resin. This layer prevents the glass from flying during a collision. A chip or crack can weaken the bond between the layers of glass and render the windshield unstable under the impact.

Keep yourself and your passengers safe. We are happy to send one of our certified technicians to replace your damaged windshield. If it still allows for proper visibility, bring your vehicle in for service at Collision Auto Glass & Calibration, conveniently located just minutes from Hillsboro.

Don’t risk your safety by driving with a damaged windshield, our technicians come to you! Get a new replacement windshield wherever you are.

We Offer Windshield Replacement Services That Work With Your Schedule

Don’t risk it! If the damage to your auto glass creates unsafe driving conditions, give us a call, and we’ll come to you! Our mobile windshield repair pros offer the same quality service as our in-house staff.

You can feel confident knowing that all of our technicians are certified and offer OEM quality materials. We provide several payment options and do not charge an extra fee for this service, so don’t hesitate if the cost is a concern.

Mobile Windshield Services – Our mobile windshield and rock chip repair services come to you when carving out time to drive to our shop isn’t an option. Whether your glass is cracked, chipped, shattered, or scratched, we are glad to send one of our fully-equipped mobile technicians to you at no extra cost.

The service is top-rated as speedy, friendly, and precise, so you don’t have to spend hours waiting or wondering whether the job is carried out correctly.

Stop By Our Shop – A damaged windshield is anything but convenient, but our nearby locations offer convenient options when you need immediate local service that’s attentive and friendly. Our facilities are equipped with parts to meet your vehicle’s specifications, and our staff consistently provide quality, same-day workmanship.

Our technicians are certified by SIKA and DOW – leaders in the Auto Glass Adhesive Replacement Industry.

The Benefits of Collision Auto Glass & Calibration

Maintaining your business is our primary goal. Check out our added benefits:

  • We work with your insurance company. Though you have your choice of any auto glass shop, we are a preferred provider for over 300 insurance companies, including PEMCO, American Family, and Farmers.
  • We offer a lifetime no-leak guarantee. Our guarantee covers our maintenance and any leaks that develop as long as you own your vehicle. It is not transferable and does not cover pre-existing or new damage.
  • Free disposal of damaged glass. We don’t charge you for any additional fees for the disposal of removed windshields.
  • Local auto dealers recommend our services. Local auto dealers refer their customers to our shop because our technicians have over 20 years of experience with high-end vehicles, and our online reviews attest to their quality workmanship.

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Hillsboro Windshield Replacement