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Windshield Camera Calibration Portland

Windshield Camera Calibration Portland

Rain And Light Sensor On The Windshield Of The Car

If you own a late-model car, chances are your vehicle has been equipped with an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Your ADAS comes with a windshield camera, or driver assist camera, that sits on your dashboard and takes continuous readings from the road ahead of you.

  • Activates the brakes to help you avoid an accident
  • Could prevent potential thousands of crashes a year

Our Calibration Methods

A technician has to re-calibrate the sensor after every new installation. This process is very time-consuming and requires precise measurements. The government and most insurance agencies now require driver assist devices in new cars. About half of the vehicles on the road by 2025 are going to have this feature. This means that taking your car in for a simple windshield replacement might take far longer than you want to wait.

Mandatory Windshield Camera Calibration Every Time You Replace Your Windshield

If your windshield has been cracked or broken beyond repair, two things need to happen: full windshield replacement, and calibration of your ADAS camera. Here’s why:

  • ADAS Cameras are extremely sensitive. So sensitive that they can detect a new windshield’s refractive properties.

When you install a new windshield, the camera still “sees” it as the old one, which can throw off the depth perception feature. This could lead to failure to notice imminent collisions, or to activate the brakes unnecessarily.

The driver assist feature also recognizes street signs and stops the car if you miss them, which saves you from getting a ticket or worse. If you get distracted the system alerts you and prevents you from veering out of the lane that you’re in.

Features of ADAS Cameras

    • Blind spots
    • Pedestrians
    • Adaptive cruise control: Set your cruise control as normal, but it slows you down if you come upon slower moving traffic, then speeds up again as you move to pass them

Replacing Your Windshield? Calibrating Your Camera Is A Must

Replacing windshields are inevitable. But did you know that a windshield replacement can cause the late-model cars’ ADAS cameras to malfunction?

Here at Collision Auto Glass & Calibration, we have a quick and simple solution that keeps you and your family safe on the road.

What Does a Windshield Replacement Do To My Driver Assist Camera?

A windshield replacement can impact the proper functioning of your vehicle’s driver assist camera, necessitating realignment and recalibration for accurate performance. This recalibration is crucial as it ensures the camera aligns precisely with the manufacturer’s specifications, allowing safety features like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control to function correctly. Skilled technicians with expertise in advanced driver assistance systems conduct this recalibration, utilizing specialized tools to ensure the camera’s accuracy post-replacement. Opting for professional calibration after a windshield replacement is essential to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of your vehicle’s safety systems.

There’s Got To Be an Easier Way

Thanks to pioneering research and development, the traditional method is now out of date. The Opti-Aim Calibration Tool gets this process done in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Every shop that purchases one gets extensive training to ensure that all of the staff are capable of using it correctly. This tool is also portable.

Your repair technician can take it with them to the site of your vehicle. If you had a rock fly off of a semi and destroy your windshield, mobile repair teams can take care of installing the new windshield and re-calibrating it, all before you drive off.

Every manufacturer has their own standards for calibration. This product is capable of doing both dynamic and static calibrations.

What Does the Opti-Aim Mean for Me?

You no longer have to take the day off to get your driver assist camera adjusted. Besides after an accident, it’s good practice to check on calibration on a regular basis. The Opti-Aim connects to your vehicle’s onboard computer and calibrates everything according to original specifications.

When you drive away with your new windshield, you know that none of your car’s features are compromised. You know that you still get the correct warnings about dangerous situations and that your ride is smooth and comfortable thanks to the adaptive cruise control.

Who’s got the Opti-Aim System?

Collision Auto Glass & Calibration is your local shop for windshield repair and replacement. We carry the Opti-Am and have a team of trained and qualified technicians on staff.

Using the Opti-Aim ensures that your driver assist camera has the clearest view possible. You can have peace of mind when it comes to your safety and that of your family once you drive out of the shop.

We understand better than most what’s at stake when you’re on the road. We treat you and your family with the utmost care and respect.

What does Collision Auto Glass & Calibration do for me?

Collision Auto Glass & Calibration covers the entire city of Portland, and we also serve as far south as Wilsonville, and as far west as McMinnville.

With one call you can have us out to your home or the site of an accident as soon as possible. The Opti-Aim is just one of many innovations that our shop uses to set our service above the rest.
Our premium glass holds up to the driving conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

When you meet with our technicians, they treat you in a civil and kind manner. We can answer any question that you have.

Rest assured that any windshields we install have guarantees against leakage for the life of the glass. You can get your pricing upfront so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you want to come in and see us, just give us a call, or if it’s more convenient for you, fill out this contact form to give us all the information that you need and we get back to you quickly.

You deserve service at an affordable rate. Your time is valuable, and the lives and safety of your family are precious. Let Collision Auto Glass & Calibration use the Opti-Aim and the rest of our tools and skills to get you back on the road safely today.