Rock Chip Repair Portland

Rock Chip Repair

When your windshield or other auto glass has been chipped by a rock, you might think repairs can be put on hold. The only time that’s a good idea is if you already want to replace your entire windshield. Chips can easily turn into cracks if they aren’t properly repaired. This is especially true during freeze/thaw cycles in the winter months. Get affordable rock chip repair in Portland and get moving. The experts at Collision Auto Glass make it happen.


1Will my rock chip spread?
Answer: In most cases, Yes!

2When you repair my rock chip will I be able to see it?
Answer: Yes, usually repairing the rock chip will only hide between 50% to 80% However it will not continue to spread.

3 Can you repair a rock chip that is in my direct line of vision?
Answer: No, it could possibly distort your vision.

4Does my Insurance cover rock chips?
Answer: In most cases, yes, and often they will waive your deductible and the cost to you is free.

5Is there any chance my windshield can break when you are trying to repair?
Answer: Yes, but unlikely it will happen. We have to inject a resin into to the broken glass that has approximately 60lbs of pressure.

Why should get my chipped windshield repaired?

Rock Chip Repair in Portland
Improve your safety. Chips can compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. If it takes another hit in the same place from a larger object, the windshield may not absorb the and deflect the impact like it should. This can cause the item to enter the cab and cause bodily harm.

Drive legally. If a chip is obscuring your vision in any way, you may as well be driving with a bumper sticker that says, “Pull me over.” There is not a clear legal precedent for a visual obstruction. This means an officer can pull you over simply to confirm the obstruction, leaving you open to additional inspection.

Don’t get caught unaware. Under the right circumstances, a chip can quickly turn into a crack. Large cracks can be dangerous, illegal, and impede your ability to operate your vehicle. Our services help keep a chip from spreading and help to restore the protective properties of your windshield.

Additional Chip Repair Benefits Include:

Rock Chip Repair in Portland OR

  • Rock chip repair is sometimes a great alternative to replacing your windshield.
  • Also most insurance companies will waive your deductible so it may be FREE to you.
  • Most rock chips or stars are repairable if they’re under the size of a quarter.
  • We are unable to repair a rock chip if it falls in the direct line of the drivers vision field.
  • The sooner you get a rock chip repaired the less likely it will spread.
  • We offer discounts for multiple rock chips on the same windshield
  • We only use state of the art rock chip repair resin, so it doesn’t break down from sunlight.
  • The cost of most rock chip repairs is about $50.00 if we do it in shop and $75.00 if we go mobile to you.

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There’s no reason to wait and every reason to choose our fast, affordable chip repair services. Don’t replace your windshield when you don’t have to. We make repairs easy in Portland, and we can come to you. Call or contact us today.
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